I have recently published a new book and workbook about dyeing with Procion MX dyes. The book is lavishly illustrated with process diagrams and photographs of art quilts, by several artists, made from hand-dyed fabric.

Dyeing Alchemy: A Primer About Procion MX Dyeing teaches the basics of dyeing plant-based fabrics using Procion-MX dyes. The companion workbook, Dyeing Alchemy: An Interactive Workbook, automatically does all the complicated dyeing math needed to dye fabric by weight.

Using the two together, you will:

  • learn the basics of Procion MX dye chemistry and color theory as related to dyeing fabric
  • be able to dye fabric economically using the least amount of dye needed for a specific weight of fabric and desired shade
  • understand the process of mixing primary colors to get an infinite variety of reproducible mixed colors
  • learn about the supplies and equipment needed as well as how to dye safely
  • experiment with 5 processes for dyeing fabric and creating samples
  • be introduced to some fun dyeing techniques that go beyond the basics
  • have access to a variety of online resources valuable to fabric dyer

For more information about Dyeing Alchemy, including how to purchase it, please visit my website: Diane Franklin, Contemporary Textiles.

Dyeing Alchemy Cover 6-25-14